Our vision is to help young athletes find opportunities to enroll in high schools and universities that will provide them with a great academic and sports experience and which will surely leave an indelible mark on their future.

The sports system in Europe as well as in the rest of the world is substantially different from the way in which sport is organized in the USA. In all the countries of the world other than the USA, the focus of sport is on professionalism. Sports activities take place in clubs which compete in leagues that are in no way connected to educational institutions, and therein lays the problem. The clubs try to achieve the best results and create high-quality athletes, which is why they often demand from young sportsmen to leave school or try external education so that they could have more time for training sessions. Considering the problem of huge distance between schools, clubs and places of residence, we come to a conclusion, both in theory and in practice, that it is literally impossible to seriously engage in sports and education at the same time. In the USA the system is designed differently and the focus is on amateurism, so all sports activities happen within educational institutions (high schools, prep schools, colleges and universities) to overcome the aforementioned problems.