We advise on how to prepare video material to catch the attention of coaches and recommend people who can do high-quality camera work and edit the material for you ( FOR ATHLETE'S ONLY )

We advise on how to prepare for SAT and TOEFL tests and recommend adequate individuals or institutions to turn to for preparations.

We advise on how to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and the NAIA Eligibility Center and recommend an adequate way to get through all the delicate procedures necessary to enroll in NCAA/NAIA University and acquire the final status “APPROVED”. ( FOR ATHLETE'S ONLY )

We advise on NCAA and NAIA regulations and governing criteria for doing sports at the universities that are under the aegis of respective associations. ( FOR ATHLETE'S ONLY )

We advise on the manner of communication with the coaches during the process of recruitment. ( FOR ATHLETE'S ONLY )

We advise on how to fill out the application and acquire a number of documents to submit when applying for schools/universities.

We advise on important factors to have in mind when choosing a school and recommend the one which we consider to be the best choice

We advise on the ways to solve all possible problems and dilemmas during every stage of the process and manage the process of preparation, promotion and selection of an adequate school every step of the way.

We advise on how to apply for an interview at the American embassy and acquire all necessary documentation to obtain a visa.